Business Register essentially means the list of all establishments pursuing various economic activities relating to production and or distribution of goods and or services at a place. Such a list when complete will provide an ideal frame for conducting sample surveys and undertaking studies of various economic activities for finding their pattern and trend in the country... more

Smt. Vasundhara Raje
Hon'ble Chief Minister Rajasthan

    This is Portal very nice and govt good service
    Chetram, [Dausa]

    Really the concept behind the BRN is very great and future oriented for the growth of our Country.Not to worry so much about the new concept of BRN.It takes some time to understand but it is very useful for all of us.Thank You

    BRN Registration is good Service .thanks

    it is very easy to register on this portal.Such initiative is a great beam in growth and development of country and also helpful to stop corruption.
    Nikunj Tak, [kekri]

    This portal and scheme is quite good and help those people who want to register thhrsinees
    Ankit Agarwal, [Pali]

    This online portal for Business Registration is very good
    ck kumawat, [sikar]